Watch-List Wins Big Time. VNTH Level 2 For Another Rally Inside.

Good Afternoon all! Our watchlist sure got things cranked up this morning! We are on fire between yesterday and today’s gains.  At the top of our watchlist (SEEN HERE), we have today’s highest gainer… VNTH  VNTH opened at .045 and rallied to a high of .07. for a quick 55%. VNTH is now on a […]

Massive Gains Yesterday. VNTH Tops Our Watch-list Today

Good Morning all! After our extremely successful alert on CYCA, which rallied 68% and made 50% gains a no-brainer for followers, we wanted to provide everyone with a watchlist for today’s trading session in hopes that we could find something at least half as good as what we saw yesterday. Thus, our watchlist for the […]