The DD on QUMI Is Actually Amazing, But There’s Way More…


Okay, seriously…we’re as impressed with the DD on QUMI as we are with our current track record!

With an amazing string of success at our back, we are looking very positively into tomorrow’s trading session.

When Kobe is hot…you pass him the ball. When Actual Gains is hot…you pay attention to the details, especially with what we are about to share…

There are rumors of a huge awareness campaign coming into QUMI, of which we are honored to be kick starting. We’d be willing to alert QUMI at any time, but we feel lucky to be in this position, especially considering the fact that the chart is at a PRIME time for an alert.

So, before we dive into the exact technicals of the company and the stock, we want to make it clear that unlike our recent volatile winners, QUMI looks to be a more stable, swing trade that can offer the same types of amazing results we’ve seen lately, but in a multi-day fashion where traders could see excitement gaining momentum each and every day next week! And…you’re seeing it Friday.

Let’s get into WHY QUMI is garnering so much attention. Basically, QUMI deserves it!

QUMI – Quamtel

QuamTel was founded in January 1996 to deliver pre-paid global communication products and services. The company markets to individuals and businesses with a specific focus on international populations in the United States and Canada who want an easy and cost-effective way to communicate with family, friends and colleagues overseas as well as to the general consumer and business populations who cannot or do not want to be locked into long-term contracts for telecommunications services.

What’s incredibly impressive is QUMI ‘s product line. That’s where all the magic is…almost literally. Remember MagicJack? We’ve all seen the commercials. That device blew up. What QUMI is a little better than phone access….it’s INTERNET. The concept is amazing and basing off the success that phones –> Internet followed, we think the magicjack –> datajack success could be very similar!

Let’s jump right into why this product is so amazing and everything it can do for their customers and why it’s so intriguing to investors who get to know about QUMI now.

This is the Data Jack:


Nice and quaint, right? But check out the massive things it can do…

The DataJack USB provides high speed Internet access nationwide. When you purchase the DataJack, you do not have to sign a contract. You just select the data plan for the months you want to use it. With DataJack you can enjoy up to 5 GB per month (depending on your selected data plan) with no termination fees and no contract. DataJack support up to a 32 Gigabyte micro SD memory card can be inserted into the DataJack to store all your files. You don’t even have to take your computer with you. Just put your DataJack in your pocket and go. Plug the DataJack into any computer and you’ll have a high speed Internet connection and access to all your music, videos and other files! Now that’s mobility. 

We thought that was impressive enough, but there is more…way more. QUMI has really gotten the communications and technology bridge entirely filled here. See what we mean, by checking out their tablet! We all know how hot tablets are right now, and QUMI is smart enough to capitalize and customize the craze!

This is the QTab, Which Runs on Android Technology:

The Qtab is a tablet that delivers enhanced capabilities with advanced portability. The large screen offers plenty of room for the thousands of interactive games and apps available for the Android™ platform, and its slim design makes it perfect for travel and one–handed grip. The built–in Media viewer gives you the ability to watch as you download popular television shows, movies and other media, or use the Qtab to relax and enjoy an e–book. With so many options for customization and interactivity, the Qtab gives you everything you want plus entertainment and beyond. 

To top it all off, QUMI also dabbles in income producing subscription services via 1-800 numbers. Tons of businesses have these numbers and they have to PAY for them. They can turn to QUMI for them, especially when they would already be entranced by their other products. This is a great extra bit of revenue for QUMI! See what we mean by their arrangements, below:

Awesome! This is a great way to attract new business, because it doesn’t cost your customers to call you! You pay for them! QUMI takes care of all of it for business with their plans. Really incredible how easy they’ve made it!

Now…a great company like QUMI has been around for a bit, but why the alert now? You know we always wait to reveal these Actual companies in a timely manner because, well, that’s what it’s all about! We can find companies like this and be a part of them for less, when people were just getting into them at much higher prices.

QUMI is no different, and their chart speaks to some very popular, tried, and true reversal patterns that we think could be cause for a swing trade throughout the length of next week!

Please read our annotations on our Annotated Chart below to see why QUMI is important right now!

We especially want to draw attention to the candle that appeared after today’s trading activity.

It is a VERY popular indicator that all the chartists look to for a bearish to bullish reversal. Basically, it looks as though after a recent dip (in a long term uptrend), QUMI could be heading north, starting tomorrow. Literally. Check out the textbook example of Dragonfly Doji’s:


How well does that fit with QUMI?! If QUMI played exactly the same way that this textbook definition is showing us, then we could see a return to .8 at least, which is a significant amount of gains from current levels! Combined that with expected awareness and QUMI could break recent highs and head to $1.00 !

In closing, we want to reitterate just how impressed we are with QUMI

QUMI has actual products that entirely cover the domain of tehcnology and communications and could be the next MagicJack!

QUMI has a chart that we are keen enough to have highlighted the serious potential for.

The Dragonfly Doji on QUMI is almost a no brainer for a reversal in conjunction with our other technical indications. 

Oh…and QUMI could get the attention it would need to complete these chart patterns via the expected marketing awareness they are aiming for.

This could be a huge play to compliment our undeniable hot streak lately and give us a head start for another week of green, next week!





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