The January Numbers Are In. 285% On The Month. Also, ASFX Updates Inside

Good evening all!

We wanted to share with you just how amazing our track-record has proven to be this January Session.


A $5,000 investment into each one of our alerts this past month would have left traders with $19,250.

And that’s factoring in losses, since we openly admit that no one is perfect!

$5,000 to $19,250 is an increase of 285%

That’s WITHOUT putting profits into new alerts, this is just starting with $5,000 fresh, each time. 

285% in January isn’t too bad! Not at all, all of our alerts can be seen below.

Now that we have your utmost attention, we want to direct your attention to our February prospects, where we hope to outperform January’s stunning results!

Our first (though overlapping) play of February is continuing to watch ASFX.

Today we saw the potential for it to run as it rallied over 25% in the morning.

However, the consolidation trend has continued and kept ASFX basically flat on the day.

We aren’t quite done with this one yet as we saw something that appeared to be “shorting” in ASFX.

We rarely say this, but when we checked the numbers, over 30% of today’s shares were short. However, the bids looked incredibly strong throughout the day. This can show us that these shorters will have to turn into buyers eventually and as long ASFX can continue consolidating, it could very well be the case that these shorters will be forced to cover and stop blocking the upward movement, and thus help the stock break from this channel!

We are very excited for the future of ASFX and have always anticipated it as more than a one day play. It took 2 days for the stock to reach 900%, so keep it on tight watch! This could get out of hand quickly!


2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000

DIGX – $5,000 to $5,850 with 17% practical intraday gains (even more were available).

AVEW – $5,000 to $6,500 with 30% intraday gains. (waiting on more. Will update)

EVDR- $5,000 to $11,650 with 133% intraday gains (open at .0003, high of .0007)

TSPG- $5,000 to $7,500 with 50% intraday gains(open at .0004, high of .0006)

SRPX- -$5,000 to $5,500 with 10% intraday gains.

APRE- $5,000 to $8,750 with 75% liquid swing trade gains! (alerted at .32, hit a high of .56)

HHGI -$5,000 to $3500 with a 30% loss (finding a fair middle ground between 100% in the morning an a red close)