The March Numbers Are In (196%) + We’re At It Again With Another Sub-Penny Tomorrow

Well…here we are again! After an amazing January and February (as seen below), we were a little scared that March wouldn’t be able to size up. However, once again we came through!

Listed below are all of our alerts and the ACTUAL potential that was available.

We like to stress transparency. While we aren’t perfect, we’ve shown that remaining faithful to this newsletter has the potential to really pay off!

We like to work with $5,000 for calculation purposes.

And, if you were to put $5,000 into each of these plays, and NOT compound your gains, and only put a maximum of $5,000 each time, then, losses included, you would be left with $9,800 in gains, or $14,800 total!

That represents 196% in potential gains! And that’s just the month of March!

We’ll include this email for reference at the bottom of future emails, just like we’ve done with February and January below.

And the best part is that we are ready to start April right!

Tomorrow, we will be bringing you an alert for Monday that is ALL of the following:

A Repeat 200% + Winner!

A Sub-Penny!

A Low-Floater!

An Immensely Actual Alert With AH News on Friday that could be yet another catalyst call by us!

That’s a lot to deal with, so we’re going to bring it to you TOMORROW so that you are ready with all the knowledge necessary to recognize the potential this one has to be another breakout sub-penny, just like the ones that just made everyone turn their heads the AG way last week!

Basically, with the winds of success at our backs, a known winner to the AG community, and fresh, solid press…this is probably not one you’re going to want to miss!

Stay tuned because it’s coming to you TOMORROW!


NXOI – 88% Actually. Liquid at .0011 and liquid at .002, the second day of the rally.

AGCZ – 38% on a resistance breakout, multi-day, no-brainer call. Still Going, too. Called at .05

COHO – 15% of intraday potential.

REEI – 15% Easy News Play!

CSOC – 15% Easy News Play with outstanding technicals.

RCFEF-20% Did not pan out as well as the news would have made us think.

LIMO21% Simple technical alert. Kickstarted with 3%, at minimum that continued days after!

ONTC20% This was a dead right technical alert with easy, easy gains. 

GTRL10% in intraday earyl gains.

XNEZ55% in minimum gains. As much as 60% on the intraday. Multiday rallies!

AQUS-35% Bad. Just Bad.

NVNX-16% We actually regret this alert.

GATA5% so far, but not calling this one done anywhere near yet.

FROG0% Called the bounce. Slight movement. Nothing to claim.

PAWP - 0%  Still stagnant. Not the best way to start the month

2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000

February: Gives 627% In Total Gains. $5,000 to $36,150: Proof

January:  Gives 285% In Total Gains. $5,000 to $19,000: Proof