This Is What It’s All About. QFOR. Merger News. Go.


We’ve shown you the annotated chart, which is ready to make huge moves with a GOLDEN CROSS on top of major support. See for yourself here.

We’ve shown you ACTUAL Due Diligence in a sector that is debatably the hottest possible one to be in right. See for yourself here. Don’t forget the 7 figure numbers that are rolling into this company. That’s right. What other alert can you find that is THIS cheap and brings in THAT much revenue? Almost impossible.

And now…the BEST part. The “icing on top”, if you will….



This could, quite possibly, be the HOTTEST press to hit the market for Tuesday’s trading session. The merger news is combining MOBILE/CLOUD data with HEALTHCARE.

The attempt to merge these two sectors has been vast and wide. Mobile healthcare alerts, updates, and more are some of the huge advantages for patients-on-the-go AND for people looking for an easy way to check in on themselves, their prescriptions, and SO MUCH MORE. Some of our favorite investments lie in this realm and the fact that a cheaply priced company like QFOR is getting their hands in the cookie jar is a BIG DEAL.

Basically, QFOR is doing, down here in penny land, what the big boys up in the likes of NASDAQ are up to. Simply put, this is a BIG DEAL and occupies two of the trendiest sectors. Almost anything we could say takes away from the ACTUALITY of the merger itself. Check it out.

Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation (Q4) Announces Merger With Momentum Mobile to Form Q4 Mobility

Building on their status as a best-in-class information technology innovator, and their heritage as an IT ground-breaker in outsourcing and infrastructure services, Q4 expects the combined company to become a leading provider of Mobile Applications and Business Solutions worldwide, offering their clients greater depth and range of services. Shareholders of both companies overwhelmingly approved and closed the merger on Monday, January 28th, 2013.

Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation is a global leader in Information Technology (IT) products and services, providing end-to-end IT Solutions and Consulting for their customers, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Product Engineering Services, Application Management Services, Business Intelligence, and Custom Software Development. With the requisite critical mass and scale to offer global solutions, and with the inclusion of Momentum Mobile’s expertise in the Mobile Development market, Q4 Mobility is now positioned to address a comprehensive range of business solutions for all functional areas of its customers’ organizations.

“This merger represents the best strategic move for both Q4 and Momentum Mobile, a strategy that is certain to deliver increased value to our clients, as well as existing Q4 shareholders,” said Josh Carlucci, Momentum Mobile’s President. “We are confident that Q4 Mobility will increase our competitive advantage in product offerings, sales distribution and support, while enhancing the relationships with existing clients from both companies.” Q4 is now poised for leadership in the Mobile Development market, one that saw revenues in excess of $30B (8 Figures!) in 2012.

The business merger supports Q4’s overall strategy to deliver the most comprehensive and highest quality IT Solutions on the market. The merger positions both entities to streamline their business and leverage opportunities for cost-efficiency, and at the same time increase the service and depth of products for their customers. Each company has strong offerings targeted to different needs in our target corporate customer base: Momentum Mobile focused on Mobile App development, and Q4 offering Enterprise IT Solutions and Consulting. By combining these complementary offerings, Q4 Mobility can provide new and existing clients with a broad range of IT and Business Enterprise Solutions, meeting the needs of almost any organization.


This should be fun… Only minutes away until the bell!








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