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You’ve heard enough ‘bullet points’ about this ticker by now so were jumping straight into the juicier parts behind today’s report on UVND – U-Vend Inc.


UVND entered the business of developing, marketing and distributing various self-serve electronic kiosks throughout North America with the merger with U-Vend Canada, Inc. in early



Picture from UVND website:


UVND wants its kiosks in high-traffic host locations such as big box stores, restaurants, malls, airports, casinos, universities, and colleges – and has already accomplished several of these goals!


Currently, the Company leases, owns and operates their kiosks but intends to also provide the kiosks, through a distributor relationship, to the entrepreneur wanting to own their own business.


UVND files quarterly reports with the SEC so we will be using their Q1’15 report as our main source of information.


First, take a look at the company’s revenues over the last year:


Q1 ’14

Q1 ’15


 Revenues    $33K     $124K   276%


Somewhat an accomplishment, no?


“The Company has 118 electronic kiosks installed; 64 in the greater Chicago, Illinois area and 54 in the southern California area.” is one particular excerpt we liked from their latest financial report.
Earlier this year the CEO stated “In early 2015, we introduced our own consumer product, ‘Pucks Premium Ice Cream’, and shortly thereafter, executed an exclusive licensing agreement with the National Hockey League to become the Official Ice Cream of the NHL.”
This summer, fans across Canada will be able to purchase puck-shaped ice cream bars featuring NHL-branded hockey stick-shaped sticks from retail freezer merchandisers, located in convenience stores and large national retail grocery stores. Beginning in the summer of 2016, the ‘Pucks Premium Ice Cream’ product will expand to the United States, and will be available to fans from vending machines and self-serve kiosk freezers in both countries.
Late last year we saw another “high caliber” deal get done when UVND and DelMonte Foods came to a mutually-beneficial agreement.
“We are very excited to partner with Del Monte Foods, Inc., a globally-known and respected company whose premium products have been enjoyed by individuals and families for many, many generations…” stated Raymond Meyers, Chief Executive Officer of U-Vend, Inc. 
The agreement gives U-Vend the exclusive ability to install their self-serve kiosks and merchandisers retailing Del Monte Foods’ line of healthy snacks and squeezers…in high-traffic settings across the U.S.
Earlier in the year UVND signed a deal that perhaps gives them more exposure than anything else their doing. In March of 2014 they “entered into an Operator Agreement for the distribution and sale of Mini Melts USA (“Mini Melts) products throughout the greater Chicago, Illinois region.”
“During the fourth quarter 2013, U-Vend successfully installed 30 advanced Mini Melts self-serve kiosks in 27 Wal-Mart stores and entertainment centers throughout the greater Chicago area.”
After browsing through everything, we want all members to keep an eye on UVND in the weeks ahead. According to the Investor Presentation on their website, the “last round” of convertible financing was booked at 30 cents. We believe UVND warrants consideration as long as its current price channel – right around that 30 cent level – remains in place.
Have you considered UVND yet?
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