UYMG – Nice Start. Stellar Chart Play Tomorrow

Alright! Let’s see what we’re working with here.

$UYMG was VERY thin on the open, as we had anticipated.
Unfortunately, it seemed too many people wanted a piece of that news, and it led to a gap.
As you know from our tweets…we are not a big fan of gaps, and we advised to be mindful of it and wait for the L2 to come back down to a more stable level.
Now, today at around .012 and .015, seems to be where a majority of accumulation occurred, and it seems that $UYMG has found itself a new, non sub-penny trading level.
The good thing about ACTUAL stocks is that our DD stands strong and News like what we saw today can really have a positive effect on the stock in the LONG TERM.
That being said, we were happy to bring your eyes to $UYMGtoday, and will keep it on our watch-lists as we can’t wait to see what 2 million in revenue can do to this already promising company!

While $UYMG was in it’s accumulation phase, our previous alerts were RAKING IN THE GAINS.

$CWNR went up as high as .318 today, which is 87% higher than when we called for accumulation at .17!
$SSOL , which we called at .004 hit .0195..THATS 387%!!!! We were WITHOUT A DOUBT the FIRST on this one!!!!

Then there were all the Intraday wins in the chatroom, but that’s all Inner Circle!
We’ll share one trade with you (and trust me…there were plenty more)
$MNDP we had been accumulating heavily at .0003 in Inner Circle, and today it was hitting .0008 for 166% of PURE INNER CIRCLE PROFIT.

Inner Circle and that chat is WHERE ITS AT!
Consistent updates. Solid advice from rounded traders, and a friendly atmosphere.
Read up, and think about joining the party! –

That being said, we are ready for a nice CHART PLAY TOMORROW.
This chart is like the Energizer Bunny. Going and Going! It reminds us of $HHWW when we alerted it for over 50%. gains
This one seems a bit more volatile and looks to be a nice MOMO-like Day trade for the early morning!

We will have you the chart and the DD:


We’re looking forward to this, should be a very exciting morning!

Hope all is well,