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Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. is a technology company that has developed a Mobile Plasma Gasification System for the Complete Remediation of Hazardous Wastes. The power and opportunity in Vision Plasma System’s proprietary Arc Master I lies in mobility and flexibility.The system can be located close to the source of hazmat, which largely eliminates the need for long haul transportation of dangerous materials on highway,rail and barge systems. The system also can be up and operating within one hour of arrival on site.

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Most recent VLNX developments:

The Arc Master I

The Arc Master I mobile unit, the first of its kind, was designed to deploy a clean and green remediation solution to various worldwide corporations, military, government, and municipal customers. The unit is capable of converting up to 5 tons per day of hazardous wastes and other matter into syngas, net electricity, recyclable metal ingot, without any air emissions or ash from the gasification process. Built inside two (2) ISO 40′ metal containers, The Arc Master I can be easily transported by truck, rail, ship, or plane worldwide to provide an fast and mobile solution to the remediation of all forms of waste.The Arc Master I mobile unit is entirely self-powering, creating its own energy from the waste that it processes, and creating up to 240KW of usable electricity at the site.

Plasma Arc Gasification has been in operation since the 1970’s, with numerous large scale fixed facilities operating worldwide. Plasma ArcGasification is the safest and most effective way to eliminate all wastes, both hazardous and common municipal, and carries the added benefits of self-powering through the use of its own syngas, recovery of refined metals, and silica-based slag which can be used in ancillary building products. The plasma gasification process occurs in an oxygen starved reactor which creates zero emissions unlike that of incineration and pyrolysis operations which create harmful furans and dioxins. Plasma gasification has no flue and does not create an ash. Common incinerator ash is considered toxic and requires secondary containment and transportation is federally restricted.

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