We Actually Keep It Coming! + Watch-list Below

Congrats, again!

$BGNN was a killer success on Monday. From our alert at .0013, we saw above .0026 for over 100% and it’s still holding over 50% of those gains!

$UNDT we made incredible strides for a triple zero. We alerted with .0006 on the ask, and it ended up with .0007 on the bid, as it hit .0008, representing a 33% gain!

Also, you know all about $SOLU by now. It has now come to fruition. For our accumulation in the .009 area, we now traded up to .014, for over 50% in gains! The $SOLU train seems to only just be getting started, and future PRs (like the INCREDIBLE one about the MBTA purchasing $SOLU products) may lurk in the future.

Here is our watch-list for the remained of the remainder of the week!

$BRZL – we are continually hearing merger news rumors. We are hoping the good old “where there is smoke there is fire” saying comes through here. Our rumors plays have been some of our best in the past, and we hope to add $BRZL to the ranks!

$EVSI – we are hearing very, very big promotional rumors in the works on this one. We hear next week may be a big one for this one, which makes Thursday and Friday ideal for accumulation, if you enjoy these types of plays. Clearly it’s no gaurantee, but the speculation is spread and it can, itself, make for a nice bull-run, at times.

$SOLU – you know we love it. It’s given us plenty of gains thus far, but as we said…it doesn’t seem to be over anytime soon. It is definitely on high-watch.

That’s about all for now!

We will be having a NEW, DD-Based Alert on Friday. We will give more details tomorrow, when we check in on our watch-list!