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Friday’s Alert:  MHCC — Millenium Healthcare, Inc.




We know we said we had an alert for you tomorrow morning. And, we do! However, we found so much DD on this company that we simply NEEDED you to get acquianted with it overnight! There’s just so much to this hidden gem, that giving it to you in the morning seemed unfair.


If you’re looking for an actual company, with amazing revenues, and serious potential for the future, then look no further than MHCC.


Thus, let us introduce to you our alert that looks set to end our amazing week with a bang!


Millennium Healthcare Inc. as an early stage emerging growth company in the medical device industry and is rapidly becoming a sales innovator in bringing exclusive medical device technology to previously underserved or overlooked distribution channels. Millennium is fast developing a network of ACO’s (Accountable Care Organizations) and PHO’s (Physician Hospital Organizations) that have embraced the Company’s product offerings.


We think the best way to get acquainted with a company like MHCC, that has SO much going on, is to read a shareholder update from the company. Thankfully, MHCC provided one last week! Let’s check it out! We’ve bolded the items that are:

  1. downright impressive
  2. rare for a stock trading at only a nickel
  3. indicative of future potential


This update is in the words of Dominick Sartorio, CEO of MHCC:


Millennium has been diligently focused on growing its business in the medical device industry. Our management team has been completely immersed in developing new distribution channels for our products and services. The third quarter of 2014 was the first full quarter where the Company executed its strategy of providing exclusive diagnostic devices to primary care physician groups. The third and fourth quarter 2014 sales of our OralCDx® and VasoScan™ diagnostic devices exceeded anticipated results. We will continue to focus on delivering the best possible customer service to our valued partners. We feel that this deep commitment to growing the business at this early stage will be the foundation for growth in shareholder value over the long run.

Management believes that the current share price does not reflect the overall value of the enterprise. The Company has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of shares traded in its common stock. This increase in activity represents an increase in investor interest and shareholder diversity. In 2013 our Company’ shares traded on average approximately 31,665 shares per day. In 2014 our Company’s shares have traded on average approximately 247,454 shares per day. During 2015 our shares have currently traded on average approximately 600,000 shares per day. We feel that the increased liquidity of the Company’s stock is of great value to our shareholders and to the long-term performance of our common shares.

For the year-end 2013 our sales were $1.99M. For the year-end 2014 our sales increased to $8.34M. This represents approximately a 319% increase in sales. This already extraordinary growth did not take into account fourth quarter 2104 device POs/Sales totaling $9.65M. The Company was unable to recognize these sales in its overall annual 2014 revenues due to insufficient inventory as a result of undercapitalization. The Company anticipates being able to recognize and fulfill these orders during 2015. We continue to concentrate and focus on product training, implementation and certification, while increasing our receivable collections and capital raises to support our growth in 2015.

Millennium anticipates continued growth and increased financial results for fiscal 2015. The company intends to grow its established distribution channels as well as introduce new sales partnerships during 2015. In addition to increasing the sales of existing product offerings, the Company intend to introduce new products and services to it customers. We are at the very beginning of our growth cycle and like many emerging growth companies, we face challenges. These challenges range from the need for additional growth capital and managing market expectations to managing our product inventory as demand increases. We view these various challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement, which can increase shareholder value over the long term as we continue to meet and exceed these challenges.

Millennium believes the future is bright. We continue to develop new distribution channels for our products and services. Our sales have increased dramatically and we look forward to continued growth. We are beginning to turn our receivables into cash and are working on delivering the best possible customer experience. We are committed to growing this company and creating great value for all of our shareholders, partners and employees.

We look forward to keeping you updated and encourage your questions via the contact information below. Thank you for your continued support of Millennium Healthcare and our ongoing transformation.


Wow. Over $17M in sales last year and the company is trading for a nickel?!


How?! How are they doing this? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that their products are actually amazing. Check out one of their top-sellers, VasoScan





  1. Provides an assesment of the Autonomic Nervous System and Peripheral Circulation
  2. Is Non Invasive
  3. Takes only 5 Minutes!

What an amazing company to have the ability to distribute a literally life-changing technology! We are proud to profile a company that has this in their toolkit!


It doesn’t stop there. Check out their other 3 products that are equally as impressive:




Their products have been featured on Dr. Oz!


That’s some major exposure. No wonder they are raking in the big bucks!


All in all, MHCC is a solid company that has some astronomical sales numbers.


Keep inmind that a majority of their sales last year came from Q4, so this company could be gaining massive potential! When they release new financials for 2015, investors could come FLOCKING!


MHCC used to trade for over a dollar! Investors can actually get a piece of a company with insane revenues for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!


MHCC is a long-term alert and we think that with the exposure we’re providing here, tomorrow could be the first day of a long-term rally for MHCC! We can’t wait to see future updates from the company. If they’ve kept the momentum going from Q4 of 2014, then there could be some insane potential ahead!


Friday’s Alert:  MHCC — Millenium Healthcare, Inc.




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