With A Chart Like This, SRPX Can’t Help But Go Nuts Tomorrow

Good evening all!

As stated in our last email, we have a very liquid alert to bring to the table that has been trading very heavily recently and it’s liquidity has allowed for an amazing chart to form, with which we’ve picked up on some of our favorite technical indicators showing what promises to deliver an amazing session of day-trading for Tuesday’s trading session. These technical indicators are pretty rare to be lined up all at once, so that’s why tomorrow we are all about:

SRPX – Scorpex, Inc.

There is a ton to say about the company, but all night..we want you to concentrate on one thing, and perhaps the most important thing for tomorrow.

And that is….This chart:

We are so confident in the portrayal of technical analysis in that chart that that’s all we are going to leave for you on SRPX right now.

We’ve definitely done our homework on the company and will send a wealth of DD your way in the morning, but that chart is just too perfect to not shine simply on its own!

We almost can’t believe how indicative of a breakout SRPX ‘s signs are.

We are EXTREMELY excited about tomorrow’s trading session and think that, once again, our charting skills can give our followers an edge in this market that few others can deliver.

That being said, the next installment of our keen eye, technical alerts, which brought hundred of percents of profits in 2011, is easily SRPX…the textbook breakout alert that could very well be very momentous tomorrow morning.

Let that chart sit on your retina and get your salivating for the inevitable trading action that should come tomorrow, especially after our full report due out in the morning.





2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000

DIGX – $5,000 to $5,850 with 17% practical intraday gains (even more were available).

AVEW – $5,000 to $6,500 with 30% intraday gains. (waiting on more. Will update)

EVDR- $5,000 to $11,650 with 133% intraday gains (open at .0003, high of .0007)

TSPG- $5,000 to $7,500 with 50% intraday gains(open at .0004, high of .0006)

APRE- 5% thus far, but wating for the swing trade potential to satisfy us.