With A Market Cap Lower Than Their Revenues, ASFX Could Rally 900% Again

Good morning all!

We hope you’ve been making yourself familiar with ASFX with our report (found here)

We want to reiterate at least the main points that makes ASFX shine out like a hidden gem amongst all the other sub-penny companies.

Taking into account the following points, it’s hard to believe that ASFX is sub-penny!

  • ASFX has inspiring Actual DD with products sold in dozens of very popular retailers
  • One of the ASFX products is FDA approved and the ONLY one of its type.
  • The Chart shows a breakout could really be imminent with this volume increase.
  • The ASFX Level II shows liquid and bid-supported trading activity.
  • Their revenue numbers are BETTER than their market cap! This is insanely rare!
  • The Share Structure could result in the type of volatility that traders love.

However, due to the Chart, it seems as though these sub-penny prices could be gone soon, as investors continually pile more and more cash into what could be a very promising future.

Why talks of a promising future?

Well, as the 8-Ks are hinting, ASFX seems to be hinting at a total overhaul in many marketing ares, showing that ASFX may soon be beginning a campaign to increase the already impressive presence of their products. Could this result in even more revenues for the company?

As we said, its hard to believe this company is sub-penny.

It’s hard to believe the market cap of ASFX is less than their revenue!

That’s one of the rarest situations we have heard of, and we are excited to have found it, especially at such a technically advantageous level.

Here’s a copy of our annotated chart for your reference during what looks to be a very promising trading session today.


Remember…with a Level II like the one ASFX has and their extremely low market cap, this one could get extremely volatile, as we saw in their recent 900% run! We could be consolidating off those levels, and ready to retest recent highs!



2012 Track-Record Starting With $5,000

DIGX – $5,000 to $5,850 with 17% practical intraday gains (even more were available).

AVEW – $5,000 to $6,500 with 30% intraday gains. (waiting on more. Will update)

EVDR- $5,000 to $11,650 with 133% intraday gains (open at .0003, high of .0007)

TSPG- $5,000 to $7,500 with 50% intraday gains(open at .0004, high of .0006)

SRPX- -$5,000 to $5,500 with 10% intraday gains.

APRE- $5,000 to $8,750 with 75% liquid swing trade gains! (alerted at .32, hit a high of .56)

HHGI -$5,000 to $3500 with a 30% loss (finding a fair middle ground between 100% in the morning an a red close)